Caliche Corner by Louise Richardson

Works by Louise Richardson on these pages:
"Hamlet the Dane", a Monty Pythonesque Hamlet,
"The Caliche Springs Dinner Theatre," a comedy in two acts,
"Chanteuse," a musical comedy with over 20 MIDI files,
"Hollywood Melody," a musical comedy work in progress,
"June In January," a short story,
"The People On The Bus", a theatrical monologue,
"Lusitania," a science fiction novella,
and "Among Amazons," a musical in poetry and dance (Work In Progress)

Caliche (cuh-LEE-chay or cuh-LEE-chee) is a limestone clay. It can be soft and gummy when wet or hard as rock when dry. Caliche can be found in the soils of Texas and the West. Caliche, like life, is what you make of it.

Caliche Corner is a literary site featuring some of my original writings.