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Here is a preview MP3 medley from the "Songs of Chanteuse" CD.

"Chanteuse" in Spring 2012

Kelly Connaughton
as "Johanna"

Danica Mckinney
as "Darcy"

Timothy McKinney
as "Sid"

New Cast Recordings

Title Song: "Chanteuse"
Kelly Connaughton
"Why Are We There?"
Danica McKinney
"La Tour Eiffel"
Kelly Connaughton

The Latest

"Chanteuse" finished its Austin run January 28th but we may have some new productions by other theatre companies coming up in a few months. We will keep you posted here. Meanwhile, we are putting videos of songs from the Austin and Salado productions on YouTube. Go to "snardfluk" or "snardfluk's page" on YouTube to see them. You can see our wonderful cast (Kelly Connaughton as Johanna, Danica McKinney as Darcy and Timothy McKinney as Sid) making us proud of their performances. Thanks to Kelly, Danica and Tim for the hard work and considerable talents that brought their characters and our songs to life. Thanks also to director Lizz Taylor and our ensemble cast for opening up the staging of "Chanteuse" to new possibilities. We are grateful as well to Jesse Lewis for keeping our lighting and sound cues flowing. And we can't forget to thank Andy Berkovsky and The City Theatre, and Mary Brogan and the Dougherty Arts Center for letting us play in their houses. Finally, our most humble thanks to Mindy Reed who stepped up to the plate time after time as Executive Producer to keep the whole project afloat.

The Plot

In "Chanteuse" two young women from Texas, Johanna Clarke and Darcy Bailey, go to New York's Greenwich Village to be folk singers in 1959. They are first hired by Sidney Feldman, a former blacklisted comic, who owns The Colloquy Coffeehouse. "Chanteuse" follows the careers and friendships of these three through the turbulent years of the 1960s and 70s up to Darcy's return to perform at her college in 1981.

The Plugs

The "Songs from Chanteuse" CD was released in February 2011. Ask for it at Waterloo Records or Book Woman in Austin, Texas or order from Richard Paul Thomas at richard@tbcinternational.com. The roles of Johanna, Darcy and Sid are sung by Mary Bentley, Ashley Edwards and Richard Paul Thomas, respectively. Lyrics and music are by Louise Richardson. Guitar arrangements are by Richard Paul Thomas. Piano arrangements are by Nelda Milligan and Tyler Mabry.

Be sure to visit our "Chanteuse" Fan Page on Facebook, and even get to know the characters in "Chanteuse" at the Facebook pages for The Colloquy Coffeehouse (Sid Feldman, proprietor), Johanna Clarke, Chanteuse and Darcy Bailey, Singer/Songwriter.

We have opened a "Chanteuse" Store at the site Cafe Press. There you will find an ever-expanding inventory of "Chanteuse" merchandise. You can find other merchandise at our "Caliche Photo Art Store".